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1   Link   American Translators Association
The largest and most prestigious association of translators in the U.S.A., dedicated to promoting translator recognition, facilitating communication among its members, and establishing standards of ethics and aptitude while educating both its members and the general public.
2   Link   Asetrad
3   Link   European Council of Literary Translators
4   Link   Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council
5   Link   International Federation of Translators
6   Link   European Society for Translation Studies
7   Link   Japanese Translation Federation
8   Link   The Institute of Translation & Interpreting
The only association in the United Kingdom dedicated to the professional practice of translation and interpretation.
9   Link   American Literary Translators Association
Founded at the University of Texas in Dallas, 1978, it is the only organization in the U.S.A. dedicated solely to literary translation.
10   Link   Literary Translators’ Association of Canada
The only organization in Canada that represents literary translators.
11   Link   International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters
A civil association created by a group of professional language mediators to serve as a vehicle for promoting ethical practices in their profession worldwide.
12   Link   International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies
A global forum designed for the discussion of topics on translation and other types of intercultural communication.
13   Link   Association of Translation Companies
One of the oldest groups that has represented the interests of translation companies worldwide. Member companies of the ATC will bear its symbol on their advertising. The site provides a company directory.
14   Link   ProZ.com
An extensive list, organized by country, of educational institutions and associations that focus on translation and interpretation worldwide.