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1   Link   ATA Blog Trekker
The American Translators Association provides an extensive list of translation blogs in English and other languages.
2   Link   Kwintessential
The ten best translation blogs of 2010, according to Kwintessential. It also provides a description of their criteria when evaluating blogs.
3   Link   About.com: Traducción
List of 10 useful translation blogs.
4   Link   LexioPhile y Bab.la
List of the world's best 100 translation and language blogs.
5   Link   Traducción jurídica
Blog that discusses legal translation and comparative law.
6   Link   Jugando@Traducir
Blog that discusses both professional and audiovisual translation, as well as translation aids and pedagogy.
7   Link   El placer de traducir
Blog that discusses translation, translation tools, marketing, and self-promotion.It contains a list of blogs followed by the author.
8   Link   Traducir&Co
Blog that discusses translation, social media, and reflections regarding this field.
9   Link   El traductor en la sombra
Blog that discusses how to become a professional translator, focused on being an autonomous translator.
10   Link   El taller del traductor
Tricks and useful facts about translation, guidelines for professional improvement.
11   Link   Traducir es descubrir
Blog that discusses translation, interpretation, language, and cultures. It compares English-Spanish and French-Spanish translation.
12   Link   infotra
The University of Salamanca’s blog that discusses translation and interpretation.