Additional Resources
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1   Link   Digital library
A website where you can find almost any book. The annual subscription is $48.00; consider it an investment.
2   Link   ApSIC: Localization solutions
ApSIC Xbench 2.9 is a free program that helps maintain uniformity among the terms used in texts. It allows you to create your own glossary, and it ensures that you have used the same terminology throughout the text.
3   Link   Evernote
A program to organize your life. It helps you remember important things and share experiences and information. It can be downloaded as an app for cell phones and tablets.
4   Link   EasyBib
Free online program that creates bibliographies in several different formats from all types of sources.
5   Link   JabRef
A tool for creating bibliographies.
6   Link   LibreOffice
Free office productivity package.
7   Link   Notepad++
Generic text editor.
8   Link   OCR online
A free OCR (Optical Character Recognition) that only functions online. Helps extract the text from any type of image.
9   Link   OmegaT
A free translation memory application. It does not translate automatically.
10   Link   Open Source as Alternative
Contains open source software that is an alternative to commercial software.
11   Link   Gratis y legal
An interesting site where you can legally download and use some useful resources and programs.
12   Link   StretchClock
Reminder to do stretching exercises while working at the computer.
13   Link   Time and Date
Good website to calculate time in different time zones.
14   Link   Derechos de autor del traductor
Información más importante en cuanto a los derechos de autor para traductores y estudiantes de traducción en Puerto Rico.