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The Translation and Research Center was created in July 1980 with the aim of providing translations for texts submitted by the University of Puerto Rico community, as well as other public and private entities, and improving the quality of translations produced in Puerto Rico. Funds generated from these activities contribute to the Graduate Program in Translation's operations, the acquisition of equipment and materials, and the academic formation of our students. The Center provides students who complete internships with professional experience at the same time that it supports different types of grants for which all of the program’s students are eligible. The Center employs the services of students from the Formative Academic Experience Program[Opens external link] (known in Spanish as PEAF).

Located at the Rio Piedras Campus, the Center offers translation services from Spanish into English and English into Spanish for a wide range of documents. The Center translates official documents and reports for various federal and state agencies, in collaboration with university departments and administrations.

The Center also provides university professors, students, and researchers with translation services for publications and research projects to be presented at conferences, colloquia, and seminars. Students receive credit for their translation work in resulting presentations and publications.

The Chair of the PGT and other faculty members volunteer their time to review the Center’s translation projects before they are completed.

Prospective clients can contact a representative of the Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. concerning translations. In general, the Center can provide a quote or bid free of charge. These estimates are usually based on the review of the document(s) to be translated. Most clients submit the documents electronically. Representatives of the Center can also answer questions about the translation and editing process as well as the amount of time required for completion of specific jobs. The Center frequently translates personal as well as professional documents. These have included everything from certificates, legal documents, policy descriptions, and funding proposals to websites, poetry, newspaper articles, and academic books.