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Samuel R. Quiñones Prize: Geniz Hernández Rosado

The Puerto Rican Academy of the Spanish Language awards this annual prize to a MA student in Translation.  The award recognizes the best thesis among those that present a translation into the Spanish language.  The prize for the 2011-2012 academic year goes to Geniz Hernández Rosado.  The title of her thesis is "‘El Barco de los Sueños,’ ‘La Sombra del Guerrero’ y ‘San Paul en la Tierra Prometida’:  3 Stories from The Speed of Darkness by Rodney Morales.”  Her thesis addresses challenges such as multilingualism, the use of dialect, and the language of non-native speakers. Her thesis committee members Professor Carmen Díaz, Dr. Aurora Lauzardo, and Dr. María C. Hernández awarded her thesis the distinction of sobresaliente with recommendation for publication.

Medal of High Distinction in Translation: Gretchen Torres Cintrón

This medal is awarded to one student among those completing their MA in Translation.  It recognizes best overall performance.  In the 2011-2012 academic the following criteria were considered in the selection process:  grade point average, the ranking of the thesis, and time to degree.  Gretchen Torres Cintrón received this year’s award.  She finished her courses with a GPA of 4.0 and also completed studies in Spain as a master’s student.  Ms. Torres Cintrón completed her degree in less than three calendar years.  Her thesis committee members Dr. Charlotte Ward (director), Dr. David Auerbach, and Dr. María Cristina Rodríguez awarded her thesis, “Translation and Dubbing:  Words, Voices, and Images,” the distinction of sobresaliente.