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Invitación al taller Interpreter Training Summer Boot Camp de 2019

Are you studying translation or are you a recent graduate of translation and have been thinking about becoming an interpreter? Or maybe you have done some interpreting here and there in the past and loved the experience but now you’d like to improve your skills so you can move ahead in your career?

Roslyn Famous of Lingovox Translation Studio invites the students and alumni of the Graduate Program of Translation to join the 2019 Interpreter Training Summer Boot Camp. This year, we have the opportunity to have not only one but TWO of only a handful of people in the world qualified with a master’s degree in interpreter training.  They are Darinka Mangino and Maha El-Metwally of Léxica and Cultural Bridges. By luck, both instructors will be on the island this summer and they have agreed to offer 2 separate workshops between August 2, 3, and 4.

Workshop 1 (August 2 and 3) $350 - Introduction to Conference Interpreting

The first workshop will be a 2-day introductory course to conference interpreting, where participants will learn the basics, such as, the origin of conference interpreting,  modes of interpreting, including intro to consecutive, simultaneous, and sight translation; the ethics of the conference interpreter, technology for conference interpreting, etc.

Workshop 2 (August 4) $220 - Preparation for Interpreter Exams

This second workshop is for those who are looking to enhance their interpreting career by becoming certified. Taking certification exams can be stressful enough.  On this day you will be equipped with useful strategies to help you prepare for exam day and handle the stress of waiting for results.

Want to learn more about what to expect during the workshops?  Watch our informative video to get answers to the most frequently asked questions and learn about the instructors’ expertise and background.